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Ingelmunster,Ruiselede,Oostrozebeke,Lichtervelde,Wingene,Tielt,Moorslede within Klimaatoverleg Midwest,Meulebeke

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Key Actions

  • Modal shift towards going by bike or on foot
    • Description:

      A "bike route map to school" shows the students a safe cycling route to the primary/secondary school, gives tips and shows points of interest. Also stops of public transport (bus, tram) are shown. The province hosts the website and supports municipalities in the project, the municipality is responsible for spreading the information. Ingelmunster, Lichtervelde, Tielt and Wingene have these route maps.

    • Key Action:1
    • Sectors: transport
    • Implementation timeframe:2011-2020
    • CO2 reduction:347
    • Website:
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  • Energy management in municipal buildings
    • Description:

      Eandis, the distribution system operator for several of the municipalities in the group, makes an energetic audit of the public patrimony per municipality and reports on the possible energy saving measures (technical and financial aspects). This audit is free of charge for the municipalities. With this report, the municipalities can determine their investments concerning energy.

    • Key Action:1
    • Sectors:
    • Implementation timeframe:2011-2020
    • CO2 reduction:68
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  • Actions towards stimulating energetic renovation of dwellings
    • Description:

      A "woondienst" is a way of cooperation in Flanders between municipalities on the themes of housing/living. A "woondienst" addresses questions concerning renting, letting, building and renovation of dwellings, subsidies, energy-aspects,... Target groups are house owners, tenants and landlords. In the group, 3 of those cooperations are active: Woondienst regio Roeselare for Hooglede, Lichtervelde, Moorslede, Roeselare and Staden; Woonwinkel regio Tielt for Dentergem, Meulebeke, Pittem, Ruiselede, Tielt en Wingene and Huisvestingsdienst regio Izegem for Izegem, Ingelmunster, Ledegem, Oostrozebeke and Wielsbeke.

    • Key Action:1
    • Sectors: residential
    • Implementation timeframe:2011-2020
    • CO2 reduction:2333
    • Website: and and
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