• 22 Jun 2020

    Integrated planning - Beyond energy-related sectors - Webinar

    Organiser: Covenant of Mayors office

    15:00-16:30 CEST.

    Organised by the European Covenant of Mayors - Europe Office and CEMR.

    Embracing a systemic approach to deliver impactful results

    The current COVID-19 crisis has triggered major changes in our daily lives. More than ever, today is the time to transform our cities, making them more resilient, powered by sustainable and locally produced energy. At the same time, green areas are to be increased to boost air and water quality, waste and noise management and biodiversity. Covenant Signatories that are already engaged in this paradigm shift will roll out integrated planning solutions that will be crucial to achieving climate neutrality in 2050.

    The aim of this session is to outline successful experiences led in cities in the field of waste, water, air quality, food management or biodiversity at local level and how to create integrated policies to create synergies between these actions. Based on existing integrated strategies implemented at local level in signatory cities, the presentations will provide participants with an overview of the challenges of integrated planning strategies, how to tackle them and to what extent it contributes in achieving climate neutrality.