• 16 Jun 2020

    Webinar : COMETS 1° National Workshops - Spain, Belgium and The Netherlands

    Organiser: European Institutions


    This webinar will be organised by Horizon 2020 project COMETS

    The objective of the workshop is the discussion of some specific and urgent issues regarding the mechanisms that can facilitate the launch and growth of the Collective Action Initiatives (CAIs) in the energy field with the ambition to collect ideas to mitigate the risks of failure.

    After a brief presentation of the activities and the first results of the project, we will focus on the two blocks of activities currently underway and soon to be launched, the European-wide survey and the case studies. Both were inspired by a participatory approach in which CAIs will at the same time produce and get back knowledge and information.

    A specific room will then be left to the presentation of the newly released 'Communities for Future' platform, a web tool also conceived as an environment to be developed and animated with the active participation of CAIs so as to be able to represent a catalyzer of information, synergies and energies.

    The agenda and more information can be found here.